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Crown Cleaning

Removing dead, dying, diseased, or crossed branches is highly important when it comes to maintaining the proper health of your trees. If these branches are not addressed, they can cause safety concerns to you or your property.

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Crown Thinning

The careful selection of what branches to remove is an art form. You want to achieve the desired sunlight penetration, without taking away adequate shade. Airflow and weight in the crown of the tree are significant things to consider as well. By implementing this form of pruning, your tree will benefit highly.

Crown Reduction

This is used to lower or reduce the size of a tree. If your tree poses a risk to you or your property, it is necessary to make it a bit smaller. If your tree is too large, this can also cause problems with the overall health of the tree if it does not get adequate nutrition due to its size.


We accomplish reduction by cutting back to laterals, and removing no more than ¼ of each branch’s foliage or length.

Crown Raising

You can expect us to properly remove lower branches to help provide proper clearance for homes, buildings, parking signs, traffic, and any other purpose that you find necessary.

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